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Personal Alarms for the Elderly in Ireland
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:00

Personal and Panic Alarms for the Elderly

Personal Alarms for the ElderlyThe 2013 new year has not gotten off to a great start for many of the elderly living in Ireland. First the government reduced funding for personal alarms for the elderly followed by the news of break-in's, robbery and assaults on elderly people living alone.

Thankfully the government changed their minds and have confirmed that funding for personal security alarms for the elderly in Ireland will not be cut. But these unfortunate events have served to highlight the need for the elderly and vulnerable to have adequate security at home.

We have seen a considerable increase in enquiries for personal alarms for the elderly and disabled in January 2013 from those concerned about security and safety for family members living alone. Many are concerned about the cost of installing and maintaining a monitored alarm service, so here we've outlined some alternative options which:

  • Start from as little as €99 one-time cost
  • Alert carers when a panic button is activated
  • No ongoing costs
  • Are quick and easy to set-up
  • Are user friendly
  • Plug in to any regular landline [mobile phone with panic button also available]
  • Are packed full of features to make independent living for the elderly and their carers so much easier

Panic Alarms for the Elderly

The latest range of panic alarms and alarm pendants are inexpensive, easy to set-up, easy to use and give both the carer and their loved ones the comfort they need to know they are safe and help is only the press of a button away.

See More Personal and Panic Alarm Products hereFor anyone living alone, and their carers, they need to feel safe so that in the event of a fall or accident, a health issue or indeed unwanted guests they can summon help quickly.

Panic Alarms like the Amplicom Powertel 50 are a feature packed telephone with panic button / pendant alarm to alert their carers should an incident arise. The system connects to a regular landline and is pre-programmed to dial nominated carers when the panic button is activated. The system automatically dials their carers until a response is received and is able to recognise "line busy" or "voice mail" to ensure a fast response is received from the first available nominated carer.

Doubling up as a regular telephone system, these personal alarms for the elderly include:

  • No on-going maintenance or contracts
  • Quick access to carers when panic button activated
  • Wireless pendant / wrist band with panic button for emergency situations
  • Talk directly to caller through the help call pendant
  • Two-way conversation through the pendant / wrist band
  • Big button telephone
  • Boost amplification for hard of hearing
  • Large display and talking caller ID
  • Numerical voice confirmation when dialling
  • Store up to 30 names and numbers for easier caller identification

So if you've been concerned about caring for a loved one living alone and would like to have a reliable system to help both them and you feel confident they are safe, there is a wide choice of personal alarms for the elderly in Ireland from as little as €99 with no on-going costs.

Talk to one of our Independent Living experts today by calling 1890 480 480 or contact us here with any questions you have.


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