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Remote Control Sockets
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 10:52

Remote Control Sockets for the Elderly

See our full range of Remote Control SocketsRemote control plug sockets are the perfect solution for the elderly and disabled or simply for controlling appliances in those difficult to reach places.

There are a range of remote control electricity switches – everything to remotely control plug sockets and light switches.

Remote Control Sockets

Remote Control SocketsFor somebody with limited mobility being able to switch appliances on and off from the comfort of their chair is a big help. This remote control socket kit comes with 3 receiver units and one remote control. The receiver units simply plug into any 3-pin plug outlet and the appliance is then plugged into the receiver.

Once plugged in, the appliance can be switched on/off using the remote control. The remote control has a range of up to 30 meters and each socket receiver is rated for up to 3kw.

There is no wiring required so you can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

Sensor Activated Remote Control Sockets

In certain situations it can be very helpful to switch a product on automatically when a sensor is activated. This handy remote control socket is activated by a separate PIR sensor which can be placed anywhere in a room and adjusted to “power on” a socket when the sensor beam is broken by movement – e.g. a person entering or leaving a room. The remote socket may have a light or heater, for example, plugged in.

The PIR sensor communicates with the remote control socket wirelessly and is operated by battery - so no need for wiring.

Other Electricity Controls

As well as being able to control electrical sockets there are also similar devices that can control light switches too.

Many accidents happen at home because of poor lighting. Sometimes the light switch itself is not located in a user friendly position. A sensor activated light switch is the perfect solution and requires no hard wiring.

The Passive Infra Red [PIR] Light features a separate sensor and remote bulb holder. The PIR is positioned to monitor movement is a specific area and when detected is activates a light bulb by radio signal.

The remote bulb holder can be placed in any standard bayonet light fitting and the PIR sensor can be moved as required. Ideal for switching in lights when someone is getting out of bed or entering a room/hallway. A timer can also be set so that the light switches off at a pre-set time.

See our full range of Remote Control SocketsRemote control plug sockets and lights are the perfect solution for the elderly and disabled and are very helpful as part of a fall prevention plan.

If you require any advice about these products please speak to one of our independent living experts today on lo-call 1890 344 344. Visit our full range of electricity control products.


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