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FALL PREVENTION : Replacement Caregiver Bed Pad

Replacement Caregiver Bed Pad

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Sales price: € 34,99


Product Number 2026

Replacement Caregiver Bed Pad


These bed Pads will work with the Universal and the 120 Alarms and are the most popular Pads with Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Ireland 

45 Day Warranty with the Bed Pad

The Pad will last much longer than the warranty if user instructions are followed correctly.


Size 12" x 30"

  • Industry's 1st Anti-Microbial and Non-Skin sensitive covers
  • No Holes - "Incontinent Proof"
  • Can be folded without damage
  • Comfortable ultra thin design
  • No weight restrictions
  • Slip-resistant
  • 5ft connecting cord
  • Metal connector, no plastic
  • Can use with wide range of mattresses

This Pad comes with a standard 45 day warranty the Pad will last many times longer then this if treated as per the instructions. Long Term Pads with 12 month warranty also available


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