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EMFIT Seizure Monitor : Caregiver Pager & Transmitter

Caregiver Pager & Transmitter

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Product Number 2401

Caregiver Pager & Transmitter


The Caregiver Pager can be used in conjunction with the Emfit Monitor to alert you to a seizure wherever you are in the house.

The Caregiver Pager wirelessly connects with the Paging Transmitter which in turn is connected to the Emfit Monitor

When the Emfit monitor is activated, the alert is sent through the Transmitter to the Pager.

  • The light on the pager will let you know which device has been activated.
  • Easy to set up, no wire or drilling required. All devices come with a sticky back pad so they simply and easily stay where you place them.
  • Devices can work up to 150 meters away but Please test for coverage before installing devices as coverage varies depending on the structure of the house/building.
  • Caregiver Pager can be set to 1.) Sound Only 2.) Sound+Vibrate 3.) Vibrate Only
  • Caregiver Pager features a belt clip to attach to users belt/waist for constant patient monitoring
  • Must purchase wireless caregiver pager and one or more monitoring components (up to four monitoring components can be paired with one caregiver pager)
  • Pager & all monitoring components and mounting tape/hardware
  • One year warranty

Caregiver Alert System

This image shows devices that can be connected to the Caregiver pager which are sold separately and are not included


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