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Epilepsy & Seizure : Epileptic Seizure Monitor MP5V2 Bed Movement Analyser With Seizure

Epileptic Seizure Monitor MP5V2 Bed Movement Analyser With Seizure

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Product Number 1008

Ultimate seizure movement monitoring for home and professional care


  • MP5V2 will detect movements resulting from an epileptic or diabetic nocturnal seizure including minute prolonged movements from children
  • Suitable for all ages babies - adults (conditions apply)
  • Suitable for Cots/Cribs with memory foam mattresses
  • Large area patented monitoring sensor technology for improved movement detection from most bed and seizure types where movement occurs
  • Alarm delay control virtually eliminates false alarms by ignoring natural sleeping movements, such as turning over
  • Sensitivity control for bed sensor and vocalization microphone
  • Detected seizures are notified to carer via radio pager (two supplied)
  • Pagers provide two-channel identification when used with two seizure monitors -
  • Ideal for dual patient monitoring at home, hospital or care home to identify active seizure alarm
  • Tamper proof settings, monitored connections, fault reporting to pagers
  • Monitor powered by mains power adaptor with 12 hour battery backup
  • CE marked in accordance with Medical Directive EEC 93/42/EEC as amended by 2007/47/EC
  • 3 Year warranty - no maintenance or servicing required
  • For babies, children & adults


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