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Bedroom Safety : Beveled Edge Fall Safety Mat

Beveled Edge Fall Safety Mat

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Product Number 1102


Our Beveled Edge Fall Safety Mats are antimicrobial. As many as 20% of falls in acute hospitals and nursing facilities occur as a result of falling out of bed. Bed safety mats are designed to provide a cushioned landing pad and reduce the likelihood of injury.

thmb SBEV-1Non Trip Beveled Edge

  • You can drop an egg on our Mats from 4 ft. and it will not break!
  • Reduces the risk of a serios Head injury to 0% from a sideways fall from a height of 18"


  • Industry's 1st Anti-Microbial cover
  • 38" x 72" x 1"
  • Low one-inch profile makes it easy for residents to step on and off mat
  • Beveled edges minimizes resident's potential to trip on mat
  • Beveled edge allows wheelchairs and medical equipment to easily roll over mat
  • Slip-resistant on both sides
  • Latex-free
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • High-impact absorption EVA foam
  • Tri-Fold With Velcro Strap Closure For
  • Easy Storage
  • One Year Warranty


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