We set up Homecare Technologies in 2013 to help find solutions for people either living alone or caring for loved ones.

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Most Popular Products : 4 x Daily/Weekly Voice Reminder messages

4 x Daily/Weekly Voice Reminder messages

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Product Number 3011


Model: MDCC1

MemRabel is a high specification product designed to assist people with dementia, learning disabilities, cognitive disorders and people requiring memory prompts at various times of the day.

4 x Daily or Weekly Alarms with Recorded Voice Memo Playback e.g. "It's time to take your tablets"

Big High-Contrast Time Display with Day-of -Week and Date. Pictures of sun during daytime hours and moon for night-time hours to help with time of day association.

Pictures Displayed at alarm - Pills, Food, Telephone, Clock

Helps care for your loved one in your absence

Easy to use and set up - user friendly styling

Safety Messages for the elderly and people at risk when leaving home. MemRabel has connectors that allow connection of door switches and other devices that trigger a recorded message if a door is opened e.g. "Remember to lock the door when you go out" or "Don't let strangers in".

MemRabel can be used with a telephone auto dialler. When a telephone dialler is connected to MemRabel, relatives can be informed if loved ones fail to acknowledge reminder alarms.


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