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Pendant Alarms : Big Button Phone & Pendant Alarm

Big Button Phone & Pendant Alarm

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Big button, +40 dB Boost amplified receiver phone and Speakerphone with Emergency pendant remote control, Large display and Talking Caller ID.


How it Works

  • The phone is set up to notify up to three contacts (contacts are added as easily as putting new numbers into your mobile phone)
  • When the pendant is activated the first contact is dialled if the phone is not answered, is out of coverage or goes to voicemail then the next contact is automatically dialled until one of the contacts answers the phone.
  • When the contact answers the phone they will get an automatic message to say this is an "Emergency Call".
  • The contact knows that the alarm has been activated and if the Person with the Pendant is near the phone they can talk hands free to the contact via the phone.
  • The contacts can be easily changed at anytime so people going on holidays etc can be removed and be easily put back on their return.

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What do I need?

  • A working telephone line and a power socket.
  • Additional Cost?
  • No subscription or Monthly Fees

Add set up to your cart and the system will come ready to use  


Many elderly people with Pendant alarms connected to a monitoring centre will not activate the alarm as they do not wish to "bother the people in the monitoring centre". However they will press the pendant if they know it is a family member or neighbour that is being contacted.

Easy to use, easy to set up, easy to change contacts, great elderly friendly phone.

Many elderly people do not like giving medical information and personal details to monitoring centres.

  • Take control of your Emergency Alarm with this cost effective solution.
  • Why Pay Monthly or Annual subscriptions to Monitoring centres? 
  • The BigTel 50 Alarm Plus will do it all for you without any additional costs.
  • The Amplicomms BigTel 50 Alarm Plus is ideal for the vulnerable or elderly who wish to feel confident while living independently, this unique phone combines easy to use Big Buttons, +40 dB Boost Amplification, Speakerphone with Emergency remote control, Large display and Talking Caller ID. 
  • With its emergency alert feature it will put your mind at rest whether the phone is for you or someone else.
  • The Amplicomms BigTel 50 Alarm Plus is a ground-breaking telephone with a difference, the most important part of this phone is that unlike most other phones on the market, the Amplicomms BigTel 50 Alarm Plus has NO subscription charge ever, just a one off payment for the phone!
  •  The Amplicomms BigTel 50 Alarm Plus has been designed for anyone who wishes to access emergency help at the touch a wireless personal alarm remote control.
  •  This alarm phone has a simple design, oversized buttons, speaker-phone, handset-amplification, large display screen and numerical voice confirmation to make it clear and easy to use. 
  • On receiving a call the Amplicomms BigTel 50 Alarm Plus has an extra loud ringer linked to a flashing "new call" light so those hard of hearing or sight will never miss a call. Within the phone memory, there is an option to store 30 numbers and associated names, making it easier to call regular contacts, such as friends and family, at the touch of a button. Elderly users can feel confident before choosing to answer a call as the large display screen clearly indicates all callers' identities, either by name or number (caller ID service must be enabled on your phone line).
  • The Amplicomms BigTel 50 Alarm Plus is aimed specifically at the elderly/care market this is a simple, attractive, easy-to-use phone full of enhancements designed to ease its' use with 3 emergency-buttons  It also has a wireless water-resistant wristband remote control with a single emergency-button.



  • Bright visual LED ringer indicator for incoming calls
  • Large display (3 lines) with LCD back light and XL characters for easy reading
  • 3 programmable Direct Dial One Touch memory buttons M1/M2/M3
  • Premium Hearing Aid compatibility
  • Adjustable receiver volume including Boost Button for increased level up to 40 dB
  • Boost Lock function, keeps selected Boost Button position at all times (can be switched ON/OFF) with LED control indicator
  • Adjustable ringer volume up to 90 dB
  • Selection of 3 ringer melodies
  • Handsfree Speaker phone
  • Display Contrast control
  • Redial function
  • Mute Button
  • Phonebook with 30 entries (name and number)
  • Display menu in 4 languages
  • Caller ID for 64 numbers (time/day of call) with redial memory
  • Talking Keypad or Keypad Tone confirmation (can be switched ON/OFF)
  • Talking Caller ID
  • Battery Backup by 4xAA Batteries for phone base operation during power failure (batteries not included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. 175 x 205 x 80 mm
  • Wireless PENDANT:
  • Water resistant remote pendant alarm
  • Wear pendant on the wrist or around the neck with the supplied flexible Wrist Strap and Lanyard
  • Pressing the alarm button triggers dialling sequence to up to three self-programmed telephone numbers (M1 / M2 / M3)
  • Alarm trigger also possible from the base by pressing the SOS button 

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