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PENDANT ALARMS : Waterproof Pendant and Pager Kit

Waterproof Pendant and Pager Kit

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Product Number 1405

The easy-press pendant pairs with the robust yet lightweight pager to enable a patient to raise an instant alert to a carer simply by pressing the pendant button. The pager notifies the carer with a tone or vibrate alert and features a strong belt clip for secure attachment. The pendant is worn discreetly around the neck or on the wrist and will signal the pager from up to 120 metres away, making it ideal for people with large gardens.


How it Works

  • The person with the pendant uses the easy-press button to activate an alert.
  • The pager receives the signal and the carer is alerted that the person requires assistance. The pager can be set to either vibrate or give an alarm tone when an alert is received.
  • The pager can work up to 120 meters from the pendant. The pendant is waterproof and so is suitable for use when showering or bathing.  

We always advise to test for coverage before using any pendant device as building layout or other interference may affect coverage.

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  • Set comprises of 1 x Pager and 1 x Waterproof Transmitter.
  • Ready to use kit with all batteries included.
  • Built in vibration alarm that can be selected to work with a choice of high volume tone, low volume tone or vibrate only
  • Pager is powered by 2 x AA batteries, measures 80mm x 60mm x 12mm and weighs 120g including batteries.
  • Pager has radio address coding switches accessible from the battery compartment. 
  • Pendant is a special transmitter housed in a waterproof case with an easy-press switch.
  • Waterproof pendant makes it suitable for use when washing. 
  • Pendant Transmitter is supplied with a breakaway lanyard, a hook and loop fastening wrist strap.
  • The transmitter button can be operated by people with limited dexterity or conditions such as arthritis etc.
  • Pendant is powered by 1 x A23 battery. 
  • Low battery warning.
  • Transmitter range 120M.




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