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EMFIT Seizure Monitor : Replacement Bed Sensor Mat

Replacement Bed Sensor Mat

Replacement Bed Sensor
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Replacement Bed Sensor Mat


Replacement Bed Sensor Mat


The Emfit Bed Sensor must be used in conjunction with the Emfit Seizure Monitor.

The Bed Sensor is placed across the bed, under the mattress at approximately chest height.

To prevent the bed sensor from moving, fix the sensor to the base of the bed underneath the mattress using the double sided tape provided.

Check at least once a week that the bed sensor is properly positioned.

If being used with a spring mattress place the sensor beneath the mattress and on top of the box spring or flat/platform surface.

Thickness of mattress and weight of individual may require that the sensor is placed above the mattress and underneath a mattress topper.

Always place the bed sensor under the mattress or mattress topper, never just under the sheet. 

The bed sensor is designed to last for a minimum of 2 years placed under a foam mattress and against the hard base of a bed frame.

With a spring mattress, the service life of the bed sensor may be considerably shorter.

Sensor mat dimensions: 40 x 58cm 1/4" plug


Sensor Mat on Bed


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