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Wander Alarms : Bed Alarm & Pager Kit

Bed Alarm & Pager Kit

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Bed Alarm & Pager Kit

This kit is the perfect fall management solution for at-home caregivers and includes a Sensor Pad, a Transmitter and a Pager. If the person gets up from the bed, an alarm will be created sending a signal to the pager, wherever you are in the house. 

Features Include:

  • Easy to install
  • 12" x 30" ultra-thin bed sensor pad features antimicrobial, incontinent-proof, latex-free, non-skin sensitive cover material
  • Sensor pad is comfortable and durable for continuous use and can be folded without damage for storage
  • 45 day warranty with bed pads but the pad will last much longer than the warranty if user instructions are followed correctly
  • 1 year warranty with the Caregiver Pager and/or Stationary Receiver
  • Devices can work up to 150 meters away but Please test for coverage before installing devices as coverage varies depending on the structure of the house/building.
  • Caregiver Pager can be set to 1.) Sound Only 2.) Sound+Vibrate 3.) Vibrate Only
  • Caregiver Pager features a belt clip to attach to users belt/waist for constant patient monitoring
  • Up to four monitoring components can be paired with one caregiver pager
  • Pager & all monitoring components and mounting tape/hardware

 If someone leaves the bed the pager alarms

Bed alarm and pager





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