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Bed Wetting Alarms for Children and Adults
Monday, 29 October 2012 10:26

Bed Wetting Alarms

Incontinence SensorBed wetting is a common problem for many different types of people. While commonly associated with bed wetting in children [also called nocturnal enuresis], adult bed wetting or adult incontinence can also be a common occurrence particularly among the elderly and those with disabilities.

A number of products have been developed that are used for bed wetting training which is particularly helpful among young children. These products use a sensor to detect when a child is about to urinate which triggers a bed wetting alarm almost instantly. Used at night time the alarm wakes the child and over time trains the child to stay dry.

It is a good idea to place the bed wetting alarm monitor out of the immediate reach of the person in bed. This ensures that they have to leave the bed to turn the alarm off.

Other bed wetting alarms such as the Enusens enuresis bed wetting monitor is a multi-function device which provides an early alert to an accident or leakage. It has a soft cotton sensor which makes it comfortable to be used in bed and is also suitable for use in a chair or wheelchair.

The sensor is connected to a monitor which can be used to wake someone who is asleep and these units can also be connected to a nurse call alarm if required. These products help to train children and adults to respond to a call of nature during both day and night.

In care homes the product is commonly used for the elderly and disabled and are connected to a nurse call system to discreetly alert their carers to an accident, ensuring a carer can provide assistance quickly and avoid any discomfort for those under their care.

If you are the parent of a child with bed wetting issues or indeed a carer for adult incontinence, these bed wetting alarms are a training solution to eliminating bed wetting or giving a fast response to accidents.

For further information please contact our advice line where our experts can give you further advice and information for your individual circumstances.


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