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Enuresis Bedwetting Alarm
Saturday, 03 November 2012 07:31

Enuresis Bedwetting Alarms in Ireland


Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is commonly associated with younger children, but is also experienced in adults of all ages. The elderly are also prone to bedwetting through a variety of causes which could include diabetes, infection, neurological disorders, anxiety and other medical or emotional disorders.

Although bedwetting is most commonly associated with night time, daytime wetting is also a common occurrence among those most prone to bed wetting.

Nocturnal enuresis among adults is generally defined as when night time dryness has been achieved for many years but that night time bed wetting begins at an older age.

Bedwetting can be embarrassing, particularly among young adults and the elderly. Research has shown that up to 2% of adults between the ages of 16-60 experience problems with bedwetting but for many they can be cured and the enuresis bedwetting alarms are an important part of the treatment process.

For some cure is not possible, but with the use of an enuresis alarm bedwetting can become more manageable for both the individual and their carers, ensuring the individual experiences minimum discomfort.

In many cases when bedwetting becomes a problem in the elderly, young adults and children it can be treated and there are a variety of products available today to help with this.

One such product is the Enusens Enuresis Alarm.

This enuresis alarm consists of a soft material sensor which is placed under a bed sheet. The material causes no discomfort, does not make a noise when moving in bed and is machine washable. It is also suitable for use in a chair.

The betwetting alarm is activated as soon as an accident begins and has a number of “wake up” options. It can be connected to a local pager which activates an alarm to wake up the person and at the same time alert a carer via a separate pager device. The enuresis alarm can also be connected to professional nurse call systems or community alarm systems.

The alarm devices also allow a recorded voice message to be played when the alarm is activated, giving a friendly voice reminder.

Once the alarm is activated the individual is able to stop the flow of urine and continue to the bathroom. Over time the alarm can help to condition the body to wake up when the urge to urinate begins and before wetting the bed.

If you are caring for someone with nocturnal enuresis or daytime wetting issues your local GP should be consulted. If you require further advice on other products for the elderly and how the enuresis alarm can be used for your individual circumstances please call our advice line where we can answer any questions you have.


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