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Personal Alarms for the Elderly
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 08:13

Personal Alarms for the Elderly in Ireland

For those living alone or alone for long periods of time the comfort of knowing that help is only the press of a button away is reassuring for them and their nearest and dearest. Personal alarms are used by the elderly, people with restricted mobility as well as anyone recovering from illness or with a chronic condition.

Personal alarms have developed significantly in recent times and there is now a wide choice of personal alarms available to cover just about every situation imaginable.

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Choosing the right personal alarm is obviously very important as there are a number of factors to consider, such as:

  • Abilities of the user
  • Mobility of the user
  • Location and access of carers
  • Comfort and ease of use for the user
  • Installation and on-going service costs

For the majority of modern personal alarms there are two main elements to the system: the transmitter and the receiver. Options include portable transmitters worn by the user, and either a portable or fixed receiver which operates when the user activates their alarm.

Portable receivers are worn by the carer and are mostly restricted to a limited range of operation – ideal when the carer is located in the same building or nearby location. Fixed receivers often consist of a base station in a fixed location to receive the signal and then send the alarm to the carer. The fixed receiver options give greater flexibility and more advanced functionality.

One of the more popular personal alarms with the greatest versatility is the CarePhone 2-Way Speech Pendant Alarm Caller. This personal alarm device has a number of very important features which will meet the needs for a wide range of users. The main features include:

  • Portable help call pendant and fixed base receiver
  • Preset 3 telephone numbers for emergency dial when alarm activated
  • Speaker phone automatically activated when alarm raised [hands free 2 way conversation]
  • 40m indoor and 200m outdoor range between transmitter and receiver
  • Out of range and low battery warning
  • Answer incoming calls from the pendant
  • Base station connects to normal telephone landline
  • SOS dial set to “reach one” or “reach all”
  • Daily alarm time function [e.g. verbal voice reminder to take medication]
  • CarePhone recognises answer machines and continues to dial next number
  • Waterproof pendant
  • No on-going service costs

This CarePhone personal alarm is extremely simple to set-up and gives the user and their carers a solution that is highly flexible in meeting their care needs.

If you have a requirement for a personal alarm for the elderly and those under your care and would like to discuss the various devices and options available, please call 1890 480 480 and speak to one of our independent living experts today or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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