We set up Homecare Technologies in 2013 to help find solutions for people either living alone or caring for loved ones.

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Personal Alarm with Panic Button for the Elderly in Ireland

Senior Alert System

Panic Alarms for the ElderlyEnquiries for Panic Buttons for the elderly and vulnerable has risen sharply in 2013, prompted firstly by threatened government cut-backs, subsequently reversed, in the Seniors Alert Scheme and the attacks on elderly citizens living alone. These events have highlighted the need to provide family members living alone with security and an alert system to notify their carers, family members, neighbours and / or the emergency services when an event such as a break-in, fall or ill-health needs urgent assistance. The Seniors Alert Scheme assists a great many elderly and vulnerable people in Ireland, providing financial support for the installation of a monitored alarm system. Unfortunately there are qualification criteria to receive financial assistance and this does mean that a large number of elderly citizens are excluded from financial assistance. Qualification criteria for the Senior Alert Scheme in Ireland are:

  1. Aged 65 or over and have limited means or resources
  2. Living alone or with someone who also meets the eligibility criteria
  3. Living in the area covered by the community group administering the grant support
  4. Able to benefit from the equipment being supplied
  5. Willing to maintain contact with the community group

A high percentage of the enquiries we receive for panic buttons are from the families of elderly relatives who are not eligible under the Senior Alert Scheme and find the set-up costs and on-going maintenance costs for monitored personal alarms are too high – usually costing €300+ to install plus yearly running costs which can add-up to hundreds and even thousands of euro's over the lifetime of the service. The good news is that there are alternatives to a monitored personal alarm service which give those under your care and family member's peace of mind to know that help is only the press of a panic button away. Below are some of the main features of the HomeCare Technologies range of -

Panic Buttons and Personal Alarms for the Elderly:

  1. One-time cost
  2. No on-going costs or contracts [only landline rental which is standard for any home telephone]
  3. Connects to regular telephone line includes:
    • Wireless Pendant or Wrist Strap Panic Button
    • 2-way speech through the pendant / wrist strap panic button
    • Big Button telephone packed with useful features for the elderly
  4. Alerts up to 5 pre-programmed contacts when panic button activated
  5. Auto dials next nominated number if no answer received
  6. Recognises voice messages and moves on to dial next nominated number
  7. Simple to set-up and use
  8. Pre-programme telephone with contacts and user ID
  9. Plus many other features

The range of features available are considerable. Choosing the right panic button and personal alarm system is important and there are many options available to enhance the personal alarm system – for example adding a panic button at the front / back door. Please visit our panic alarms and browse through the products we have to offer. Our staff is experts in independent living and are on-hand to give you advice, understand your requirements and recommend a suitable product from our range of personal alarms for the elderly and other products. Please contact us on 021 421 4925 or send us your enquiry here.