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Professional Care Range

Professional Care Range

This section is for Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Carers that require products more suitable to the environment that they work in. The professional range of care products include Nurse Call Systems, Medical Alarm Systems and other products to assist nursing staff and carers in their daily activities. We have many solutions that may not be shown here. If you would like advice or information please do not hesitate to contact us or Lo Call 1890 344 344

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P142A Cotton Moisture Detection Sheet


Product Number: 1208

Epileptic Seizure Monitor MP5 Bed Movement Analyser With Seizure


Product Number: 1007

P138BAA Domestic 3 Monitor Pager


Product Number: 1205

P142B Plastic Moisture Detection Sheet


Product Number: 1209

S1034D Comt-it Monitor with moisture detecting sheet


Product Number: 1218

Epileptic Seizure Monitor MP5V2 Bed Movement Analyser With Seizu


Product Number: 1008

P162B PIR Motion Detector


Product Number: 1211

P150C Floor Mat for All Monitors


Product Number: 1210

S1034B Bed Monitoring System


Product Number: 1219

1305 Guardian Talking Clock and Covert Video Camera


Product Number: 3018

P141C Lead for Connecting Mositure Sheet to Guardian


Product Number: 1207

P141B Companion Lead for Moisture detection sheet


Product Number: 1206

Ep-iT Guardian Monitor.


Product Number: 1201

S1026B Radio Companion Enuresie & Epilepsy Monitor Kit


Product Number: 1215

P137BAA Advanced 32 Monitor Pager


Product Number: 1204

S1026A Radio Companion Epilepsy Monitor


Product Number: 1214

S1020B Bed Movement. Sound, Breathing, Pager Kit


Product Number: 1213

S1032AB Detects Falls, Wandering, Temperature and Help Button


Product Number: 1216

S1033AB Fall / Panic / Wander Alarm Badge with Telephone Dialer


Product Number: 1217

P117C Radio Triggered Auto Dialler


Product Number: 1232

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Results 1 - 20 of 23

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