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Personal Alarms

Personal Safety Alarms

Personal safety is an issue that effects all of us these days. Our wide selection of products allow us to offer solutions to people from all types of demographics. Our personal security alarms are suitable for people at home, our range of mobile phone options are great for people who are on the go or work in isolated areas, and our fashionable accessories, are a good choice for people who want easy access yet a discreet alarm.

Take some time to view our range of personal safety devices below and find out which one is best suited for your needs. From keyring personal security alarms to mobile phones offering dual GPS tracking options so that love ones can keep track and even a sports pedometer that doubles up as a panic alarm, we’ve truly got you covered for personal safety here at HomeCare Technologies.

Personal Security Alarms for Women

Ladies, our range of multi-tasking fashion accessories means that you've a choice of great-looking personal security alarms for any activity, day or night. Whether you're out jogging, walking home from work, travelling or visiting friends, our handbag charm, pedometer, keyring and door protector all look fabulous so that you can match them to your wardrobe. And if you ever find yourself in a threatening situation, simply press a button or pull a chain to activate an ear-piercing alarm, or scream-like yell, to repel an attacker and help summon assistance.

Personal Safety Alarms

With a busy life why compromise on safety or style? Be confident, be fashionable, never be without your personal safety alarm.

Not sure what is the right solution for you? Call us on 1890 340 340 and we will be happy to help

Ila Dusk Blue Panic Alarm


Product Number: 1424

Ila Dusk Black Leopard Panic Alarm


Product Number: 1426

Clam Shell with SOS Button


Product Number: 1914

Big Button Phone with SOS Button and GPS Location


Product Number: 1903

Ila Dusk Blue Stars Panic Alarm


Product Number: 1425

Ila Dusk Pink Panic Alarm


Product Number: 1423

Ila Door Alarm


Product Number: 1422

Big Button Simplicity & Security Mobile Phone


Product Number: 1904

Big Button Phone with Man Down & Seizure Alarm


Product Number: 1906

Ila Pebble Black Key Ring Panic Button


Product Number: 1408

Ila Pebble Pink Key Ring Panic Button


Product Number: 1409

Ila Sport Pedometer with Panic Alarm


Product Number: 1410

GPS GSM/GPRS Tracker With Two-Way Speech


Product Number: 6002

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