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Medpage Epileptic Seizure Detector Monitor MP5-NC

Price per Unit (piece): €379.00

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Product Number 1004

Medpage Epileptic Seizure Detector Monitor MP5-NC for connection to Nurse Call Syetems

Seizure monitor for the detection of nocturnal convulsive seizures with switched output to nurse call system, community alarm, AD11+ telephone auto dialler or cable connected alarm sounder such as the CTM-2.

The Medpage MP5-NC is suitable for use in nursing, care homes, or hospitals where a nurse call system is installed. Upon detection of a convulsive seizure an internal relay is activated to produce a clean contact switched output via a suitable connection lead.

Supplied with standard nurse call connection lead using mono 1/4" jack plugs. Standard lead length 2M.

The MP5-NC, can be used where bed occupancy detection is also required. Used in conjunction with the Rondish (BTX-02M) bed/chair sensor transmitter and pager (PAG-03DV) a dual function seizure/bed occupancy monitor will result.

Likewise if an enuresis or vomit sensor is required with seizure detection, the MP5-NC would be used in conjunction with the EnuSens kit and the BTX-02M transmitter with pager. The EnuSens uses a fabric sensor that can be inserted into a pillow case to detect vomit and excessive perspiration, or under the bed sheet to detect incontinence episodes.

By using the BTX-02M transmitter multiple alarms can be linked to a single pager or wireless nurse call display (CMU-02).

The MP5-NC can also be used with a cable connected alarm sounder. The CTM-2 voice alarm monitor for example, can produce either a spoken alarm "seizure in progress" or with a tone beeper. The cable connection is monitored with alarm if a fault or break in the cable should occur.


Seizure sensor

Bed vacation sensor


Alarm pager

Example of bed seizure and bed leaving

Monitor enclosure dimensions L 150mm W 105mm D 45mm. Power requirement 12V DC via power adaptor. Battery backup 9.6V on board battery. Battery backup time in excess of 48 hours. Visual indicators Power, power fail, movement detection. Can be used with cable connected alarm. Operating controls Twin sensor sensitivity adjustment, variable alarm delay. Movement sensor Lead length 2M, Dimensions: L75mm W 55mm D 25mm. Relay switching max 1 Amp. N/O & N/C contact options.


Seizure sensor

CTM-2 voice alarm can be connected to the MP5-NC with cable. If radio signals are prohibited due to sensitive equipment, or the building may be difficult to cover with a wireless alarm, this option provides a reliable solution.

CTM-2 Cable connected alarm

Built in microphone

Movement Sensor




Bed Occupancy Sensor

Enuresis Sensor

The diagram below illustrates how a multi-function monitoring solution can be collated to suit the monitoring requirements for a patient. With the illustrated configuration, the movement sensor and bed occupancy sensor would be underneath the bed mattress with the enuresis sensor on top of the mattress under the bed sheet or inside the pillow. The sensors are low profile and would cause no discomfort to the patient.


Bed Base


Movement Sensor

Occupancy sensor

If you are unsure of the equipment required, or suitability for your patient, our advice team can be contacted or Lo Call 1890 480 480

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