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MP-5 Twin inc Nanny Kit

Price per Unit (piece): €499.00

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Product Number 1013 

The Medpage MP5 twin incorporates two bed sensor inputs for convulsive seizure detection and is equipped with a microphone for the detection of aural sounds. Three simple controls provide bed sensor and microphone sensitivity and movement alarm delay. The sensor is positioned under the patients mattress. Should seizure activity begin, the sensor detects the abnormal movement. When the movement has continued beyond the delay setting an alarm is generated. The built in microphone is to detect aural sounds such as choking, grunting or screams etc. Detected sounds will cause an alarm. The MP5 is equipped with a transmitter that sends an alarm signal to a radio pager. The MP5 is supplied with two radio pagers. The MP5 provides reliable seizure detection at an affordable price and is suitable for domestic and professional care use.

Monitor dimensions L 150mm W 105mm D 45mm

MP5-TWIN is equipped with 2 x bed sensors and audio microphone.

Seizure detected LED lights to warn of a detected seizure

Powered by 12V charger with battery backup

Power status and movement detection LED's

Movement sensor: Lead length 3M

Dimensions: L75mm W 55mm D 25mm

Silent alarm, no internal sounders.

Internal output connector for linking to auto dialler or nurse call system.


Powered from 2 x AA batteries. Lightweight and compact with sturdy belt clip. Alarm options are: vibrate only, vibrate with low volume alarm tone, vibrate with high volume alarm tone. Also includes flashing LED on alarm. Low battery warning. Operating temperature -10c - + 50c. Dimensions: H 80mm W 60mm D 28mm Weight including batteries 125gms.

The Nanny BM-02 is designed to monitor the breathing movements of a sleeping person. A sensor sheet measuring 550mm x 350mm x 15mm is positioned under the mattress. The sensor is connected to a monitor that analyses the tiny chest movements created by breathing. If less than eight breaths per minute are recorded the alarm will sound. Additionally, if breathing movements are not detected for a period exceeding 20 seconds, the alarm will sound. When the alarm is activated it must be reset at the monitor to acknowledge the alarm. The Nanny BM-02 has LED's that indicate: confirmation of breathing detected, low battery warning and sensor fault.

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