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Epileptic Seizure Monitor MP5 Bed Movement Analyser With Seizure

Price per Unit (piece): €409.00

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Product Number 1007

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How it Works

  • The Medpage MP5 uses a sensor positioned under the patient's mattress to detect movement resulting from a Tonic/Clonic convulsive seizure.
  • Three simple controls provide adjustment for the movement sensor sensitivity level, the internal microphone level used to detect vocalizations preceding or during a seizure, and the alarm delay duration to be set. The alarm delay allows for non typical seizure movement, such as turning over, to be ignored for the delay period.
  •  The alarm delay can be set from 2 – 15 seconds. If the patient should have a seizure the resulting movements are detected by the sensor.
  •  As the seizure progresses beyond the delay setting an alarm is generated resulting in transmission to the alarm radio pagers and operation of the external output control (if connected to a nurse call system or community type alarm).
  • Setting up the monitor is a simple procedure requiring slight adjustment of the sensor to suit the bed type and patient's weight.
  •  When the settings are complete they are stored in the computer memory. 
  • The setting controls are then inactive to prevent tampering or accidental adjustment by the patient or children. 
  • The MP5 provides reliable seizure movement detection at an affordable price and is suitable for domestic and professional care use

Seizure Monitor


Tamper proof settings

Monitor dimensions: L 150mm W 105mm D 45mm

Suitable for single and double beds, cots/cribs, and memory foam mattresses

Seizure detected LED lights to warn of a detected seizure

Powered by 12V charger with battery backup (12 hours)

Power status and movement detection LED's

Movement sensor: Lead length 3M

Dimensions: L 75mm W 55mm D 25mm

Silent alarm, no internal sounders

Internal output connector for linking to auto dialler or nurse call system

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