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Big Button Phone with Man Down & Seizure Alarm

Price per Unit (piece): €214.99

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Product Number 1906

MP334i Man down is a robust, compact emergency contact mobile telephone. The phone provides a potential lifeline for people with epilepsy, diabetes, heart problems, the elderly, people who work at dangerous locations and people at risk from attack. The phone is equipped with one-touch dial buttons. Up to five emergency contact numbers can be assigned to SOS and buttons A, B, C, D for one-touch dial out. The man down alarm has five selectable alarm functions.

These are:

Horizontal. When the phone is tilted by more than 45º from a horizontal position after five seconds dialing is initiated. After 30 seconds the first emergency number will be dialled. If the phone is returned to a horizontal position within 25 seconds the alarm is cancelled.

Vertical. When the phone is tilted by more than 45º from a vertical position, (on a lanyard or in a pocket) the alarm is activated after 5 seconds. If the phone is returned to a vertical position within 25 seconds the emergency dialling is cancelled.

Motionless. If the phone detects no movement from the user for more than five seconds, emergency dialling is initiated. If the phone detects movement within the proceeding 25 seconds emergency dialling is cancelled.

Horizontal and motionless. A combination of horizontal and motionless.

Vertical and motionless. A combination of vertical and motionless.

Receives incoming calls, press green button to answer call

Man down and motionless features can also be turned off when not required.

Selectable ring tones, ring tone volume and vibrate option

Phone status shown on display, signal, battery, missed call

Hands free with intercom. Receives SMS messages

Headset/Headphones supplied & charger supplied. Hearing aid compatible

Dimensions: 125mm x 52mm x 16mm. Weight 95g with battery

Keypad lock prevents accidental dialling and feature operation

This phone will not work with a SIM Card for the 3 Network unfortunately

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