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Ila Door Alarm

Price per Unit (piece): €11.99

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Product Number 1422

Frequent fliers, college students and anyone who is uneasy about staying solo in a hotel room needs to travel with an ila Wedge. Jam it under a door to make it harder to open, and if an intruder tries to force entry, you (and hotel staff) will be alerted with a 130Db ear-splitting alarm.

To use the ila Wedge Portable Door Alarm, turn the slide switch to the "ON" position; product is on stand-by. Alarm activates when swing cover swung in approximately 1.5 degree and latched. Latched alarm will only be switched off by turning the switch to "OFF" position. The ila Wedge is very small and compact and can easily be taken with you anywhere.

I would even recommend using it as an additional method of home protection, especially if you don't live in the best neighborhood. I have lived in some pretty seedy apartment buildings when I was younger and definitely would have liked to have the ila Wedge under my front door at night!

A 2010 YouGov/Glamour magazine survey revealed that 68% of women are seriously concerned about their personal safety – and those same women also want to look stylish and fashionable. If you fall in that 68% or know someone who does, then I definitely recommend the chic security devices from ila security. Thanks to the ila Dusk and ila Wedge, I feel more empowered when I leave my home, for if either my child or myself are threatened in any way, the whole world is going to know right away!

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