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P117C Radio Triggered Auto Dialler

Price per Unit (piece): €249.00

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Product Number 1202

The P117 autodialler can be triggered by any Alert-iT system, including radio linked units, to pass a voice message to a local carer.

Once triggered the unit first plays a loud tune for 30 seconds, which is intended to be heard anywhere in the house or garden so that false alarms may be cancelled. The unit then dials up to 8 numbers in turn delivering a voice message and waits a short while for a response. The system needs a positive key-press response and does not give up if a call is simply answered, e.g. by an answerphone.

While dialling a different tune is played and only stops when a the response is received from a carer. Thus the user has the reassurance that the technology has responded and that assistance is coming.

Two levels of alarm are possible, one for an urgent user concern and another to indicate that an equipment fault has occurred (e.g. battery low).

The dialler can also be used to access cellphones, which can be an alternative to using pagers. However it must be remembered that the failsafe delivery of a timely alarm message cannot be guaranteed with a cellphone.

Requires Alert-it device to trigger alarm.

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