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P137BAA Advanced 32 Monitor PagerS1020B Bed Movement. Sound, Breathing, Pager Kit

S1026A Radio Companion Epilepsy Monitor

Price per Unit (piece): €499.00

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Product Number 1214

The S1026A Radio Companion Epilepsy Monitor is a complete system designed to quickly detect the signs of a seizure.

The system uses the Alert-it companion monitor unit that is connected to a bed movement sensor and pager. Designed for use on a bed this system gives a carer peace of mind during night time hours.

The movement sensor is placed under the mattress and monitors frequency of movement in the bed. The sensor can detect the movement typically associated with a seizure and raise an alarm via the included pager.

This system lets you know when your loved one is having a seizure and therefore helps to give them independence and dignity by cutting down on you having to make physical checks on them.

There is the option to use an enuresis cotton sheet with this system - the sheet is sold separately.

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