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Reading the time of day on the face of a regular wrist watch or clock is not always easy for those with visual impairment and the blind. Being awoken by an alarm for someone hard of hearing is also not so straightforward. In this section you will find a  range of talking watches, talking clocks and vibrating alarm clocks that makie telling time or being awoken on time all the more easy.

Whether you prefer a watch or clock packed full of the latest features or if you're looking for something more traditional but functional, you'll find everything you need in our range of special wathces and clocks.

408 Talking Big digit Watch


Product Number: 1601

429 RNIB Talking Atomic Digital Watch


Product Number: 1614

428 BLACK Talking Memo Alarm Watches


Product Number: 1619

428 Red Talking Memo Alarm Watches


Product Number: 1620

407.3 Ladies Black Dial with Bracelet Talking Watch


Product Number: 1606

407.2 Ladies White Dial with Leather Strap Talking Watch


Product Number: 1605

407.1 Man’s Black Dial with Bracelet Talking Watch


Product Number: 1604

407 Talking Atomic Watches with Alarm (RNIB)


Product Number: 1603

424 Talking Analogue and Digital Watch


Product Number: 1607

431 RNIB Blue Boys Talking Watches


Product Number: 1615

431.1 RNIB Pink Girls Talking Watches


Product Number: 1616

331 Vibration Alarm Clock


Product Number: 1610

1305 Guardian Talking Clock and Covert Video Camera


Product Number: 1618

1233 Talking Big Digit Alarm Clock


Product Number: 1609

412A Heart Rate Monitor Watch


Product Number: 1602

1278 Wall Clock with Day-Date LCD Display


Product Number: 1608

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