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Geemarc CL1L Ringer Indicator & FlasherLong Range Pendant & Pager Kit

Low temperature warning with auto dialler

Price per Unit (piece): €124.00

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Product Number 1502

Simple solution for providing a room temperature alarm via telephone auto dialler. The room thermostat is adjustable from 5°C ~ 30°C. If a temperature of 12°C is selected, as an example, the dialler will be triggered when the room temperature falls to 12°C. Up to five emergency numbers can be stored in the dialler. An alarm sound is played to the call recipient. The dialler is also supplied with a pendant transmitter that features remote arm/disarm of the dialler and a panic button to initiate dialling in case of emergency.

Raise an alert to relatives or carer's via telephone when an elderly persons house is to cold.

The kit comprises of: Dialler with phone line connector cable, DC 12V adaptor for dialler, telephone socket double adaptor for reconnection of the telephone, room thermostat with 10 Metres of cable for connection to dialler, backup battery for telephone auto dialler.

By reversing the thermostat connections the kit can be used for over temperature alerts. Installation time 20 - 30 minutes.

For reference. It is possible to automatically switch on a heater independent of a central heating system. This can be achieved from in the house or remotely by text message from a mobile phone.

There is a high percentage of elderly people who use a card payment meter for their gas and electricity who would be at risk if their power failed. It is possible to send a relative or carer a warning via telephone if mains power is cut in a persons home.

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