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Fall Detection & Fall Prevention for the Elderly
Thursday, 31 January 2013 07:00

Fall Detection & Prevention Products

See More Fall Detection and Prevention Products hereFall prevention among the elderly and less mobile is always a concern for family and carers. Trips and falls are of particular concern not only for those who live alone but also for those in care facilities.

While preventing falls is always the number one priority what happens when a fall does occur? How can carers be alerted to ensure that help is given as urgently as possible? Fall detection is therefore also a high priority for the elderly, less mobile and those living alone or in care facilities.

Fall Detection & Prevention Products for the ElderlyAt HomeCare Technologies we have an unrivalled range of fall prevention and fall detection products designed to provide a safe environment for family members and those in your care, reducing the risk of falls and ensuring help can be summoned urgently should a fall occur.

Fall prevention and fall detection products vary considerably, from the very basic bed sensor to high spec integrated fall prevention and panic alarms. Below we've highlighted some of the key features you can choose from when selecting a fall prevention or fall detection product:

Fall Prevention

  • Sensor mats can be placed in a bed, a chair or on the floor to detect movement. When activated an alert can be sent in the following ways:
    • A friendly voice reminder is played to the individual [e.g. stay in bed, I will be there in a minute]
    • A carer can be notified via a radio pager and provide assistance
  • PIR sensors can detect movement in specific locations and respond as above
  • A pre-programmed delay can be set so that if after 15 minutes the person returns to the bed/chair the alarm is cancelled. This is particularly helpful at night time for a visit to the bathroom for example
  • Sensor mats, PIR sensors or door switches can also be placed at exit points and when activated can either notify the carer by radio pager, or play a friendly voice reminder
  • Sensors are wireless free to avoid tampering

Fall Detection

See More Fall Detection and Prevention Products hereThere are a range of fall detection products designed to alert carers when a fall occurs. Many require them to be manually activated by the individual and usually come in the form of a panic button or alarm pendant worn around the wrist, on a necklace or secured to clothing.

There are however more advanced fall detection products that are able to automatically detect a fall and alert carers. These products can include many additional features such as temperature warning, detecting unconsciousness and wandering alert. The alarm is raised and the system automatically dials pre-programmed contacts to alert them that attention is needed and the nature of the problem.

Choosing a fall prevention or fall detection product requires a number of factors to be considered. If you would like help in choosing the right product please talk to one of our independent living experts today on 1890 344 344 or send us a message here.

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