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Alarms for the Elderly
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 08:56

Alarms for the Elderly

Advances in communication and wireless technology has lead to the development of a wide choice of Alarms for the Elderly and those living alone. While this article focuses on the elderly, these products are in fact commonly used by customers with physical disabilities as well as those recovering from illness or with a chronic condition.

Personal Alarms and Panic Buttons for the elderly come in a variety of formats including Pendant Alarms worn around the neck or as a wrist strap. They provide both the individual and their families, carers and neighbours with the peace of mind that their personal safety is protected and that help is only the press of a button away. 

What are alarms for the elderly?

Alarms for the elderly and their functions can vary considerably from model to model. It’s probably true to say that if you can think of a situation where an alarm is needed, there is probably a direct solution available.

At their most basic these products are designed for the wearer to press a button on the pendant alarm or panic button when they need help. When activated the system will notify a helper, carer or nominated individual either by pager or by dialling pre-set phone numbers.

Once activated, if the nominated carer does not acknowledge the call with a pre-determined timeframe the system automatically contacts the next pre-set carer. Systems vary but typically you can pre-set 5 carers contact details.

Pendant Alarm functions

Pendant alarms are available with a host of extra options depending on the system you need. Some of the more popular features available include:

-2 way conversation from the pendant alarm
-“reach one” or “reach all” when emergency help call is activated
-Battery back-up to base station ensures system remains active during a power cut
-Integrates with existing landline, eliminating any monthly charges that come with some systems
-Easy to set-up and maintain

If you would like further information on any of our alarms for the elderly, including pendant alarms and panic buttons, please contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or talk to an independent living expert in Ireland on 1890 480 480.

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