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Preventing Falls among the Elderly
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 09:24

Practical steps to fall prevention for the elderly

 Some simple measures that should be taken include making sure that carpets and mats cannot become loose or “curl up” resulting in an obvious hazard. Rugs and mats placed on slippery floors are also to be avoided.

Trailing wires from electrical appliances should be kept out of harms ways also.

Wet surfaces, especially in bathrooms are particularly dangerous and all measures should be taken to provide non-slip surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways etc where there is a risk of surfaces becoming wet and therefore slippery.

Placing handles and hand rails to aid the movement of those at risk from falling is also recommended.

Preventing Falls with technology

Fall prevention can also be aided with some simple to use technology. These solutions are designed for the elderly and those at risk of falling, including dementia patients. Examples of fall prevention technology products include:

-Bed and chair sensors that detect when the occupant leaves the bed. A carer can be alerted or a “voice reminder” played such as “stay in bed”

-PIR LIGHT sensor activated detects a person moving in the dark and switches a light on or plays a recorded voice reminder to “switch the light on”

-PIR sensors can be placed strategically throughout a property and linked to a voice reminder. For example a sensor at the side of a bed could activate a voice reminder “stay in bed and I’ll be there in a minute” etc. At the same time the carer will be notified their attention is needed

The main focus of these products is to prevent falls among those most at risk from falling. There are also a number of fall detection products that are designed to alert carers when a fall occurs, as well as pendant alarms  and panic buttons.

If you require further assistance in selecting a product to suit your specific needs in fall detection and prevention please call us on 1890 480 480 and talk to one of our advisors or send an enquiry here 


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