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Bathroom Aids
Monday, 24 December 2012 10:23

Bathroom Aids for the Elderly and Disabled

Safety in the bathroom for elderly persons and anyone with mobility issues or disability is always a priority. These products ensure the persons’ safety is paramount while also affording a level of independence for the user.

The following information is provided for guidance purposes only. If you are in any doubt as to your specific requirements please speak to one of our independent living experts or consult with an occupational therapist or public health nurse.

Grab Rails

Grab RailsA well installed bathroom grab rail is an essential aid in the bathroom for the elderly, disabled or those with restricted mobility. The grab rail has several functions including:

  • Offering a steady support while moving around
  • Providing a steady support when entering or exiting a shower or bath
  • Helping with balance when standing
  • Helping with standing from a sitting position, or vice versa

Grab rails are commonly found in use in the bathroom and toilet but are equally beneficial in any room or hallway as a helpful support.

While some grab rails require to be professionally fixed and installed, there is also a range of grab rails that can be locked in place using a powerful vacuum sealed suction cups. These require no fixed installation and can be moved and adjusted as required. They have been independently tested for safety and include the following helpful features:

  • Position anywhere on a tiled, enamel or fibreglass surface
  • Locking suction cups with a green/red code to indicate adhesion
  • Installed in seconds using integrated pressure levers for maximum adhesion
  • Easily adjusted to alternative position to suit the user
  • Ideal for taking on holiday too

Shower Seats

Shower SeatHaving a shower seat or shower stool is essential for anyone unsteady on their feet or with difficulty lowering and raising themselves into a bath.

There are many different types of shower chairs and bath seats for the elderly and disabled. They can be supplied with or without backrests and arms. Many feature a shaped seat contoured to the buttocks to help with stability and comfort when in use, and height adjustment is also a very useful feature too.

Shower stools are made from high grade materials ensuring a long , rust free life.

If you need help in choosing a bathroom aid such as grab rails or shower chairs please do consult one of our independent living experts at Homecare Technologies.

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