Talking Watches and Clocks
Wednesday, 19 December 2012 06:27

Talking Watches and Clocks for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Talking Clocks

Reading the time of day is not always so easy for those of us with poor eyesight, visual impairment or blindness. Fortunately a number of products such as talking watches are available to give anyone with sight difficulties the perfect solution.

If you like to have all the latest features then you won’t be disappointed with the variety of extra’s that are available on the range of talking watches, clocks and alarms. Or if your preference is to keep things simple and go for a more classic style watch or clock you won’t be disappointed either.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the key features available and you can see our full range of talking watches and clocks here

Talking Watches

Talking Watches

As well as being able to literally “tell” the time, talking watches can include some other useful functions too, such as:

  • Large digits and LCD display for easier recognition for vision impaired
  • Talking function announces the time
  • Voice can announce time and date
  • Voice announcements at hourly intervals if required
  • Medication voice reminders
  • Automatically switches between summer and winter time setting
  • Settings buttons are flush with the watch body to avoid accidental activation

Talking watch styles also include conventional analogue time displays, ladies and gents straps, bracelet or leather strap options, memo recording facilities and talking watches for boys and girls too.

Talking Clocks and Talking Alarm Clocks

Talking clocks are available wall mounted or free-standing for bedside use for example. Some of the more common features on talking clocks include:

  • Big digits with enlarged lcd display
  • Large clock face with analogue display and/or digital lcd display
  • Back lit time display for easier recognition
  • Voice announced time
  • Alarm setting
  • Large button snooze function

Other features with the Guardian talking clock include a built in motion activated video recorder.

Vibrating Alarm Clock

For the hard of hearing the vibrating alarm clock can be placed below a pillow for example. The user is awoken from the “feel” of the vibration rather than a noise.

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