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Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes & Hospitals
Thursday, 07 February 2013 10:33

Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes & Hospitals

See More Products for Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes & HospitalsPreventing falls in nursing homes and hospitals is an essential part of the everyday care of patients and residents. Fall prevention strategies and risk management in nursing homes and hospitals are also terms used and approaches taken to prevent falls.

Advances in fall prevention products means there is now an ever increasing range of solutions to help hospitals and nursing homes improve their fall prevention strategies.

Fall Prevention Products in Nursing Homes and HospitalsHomecare Technologies are at the forefront of providing fall prevention products to hospitals, nursing homes and private individuals. The range of products are designed to manage the risk of falls and ensure that staff and carers are able to respond to a potential fall before it happens.

The range of fall prevention products includes:

  • Industry’s first Antimicrobial bed and chair mats
  • Non-skin sensitive bed and chair mats
  • Range of short stay, standard and long stay mats for the professional nursing home and hospital sectors
  • Bed & Chair monitors and kits

Bed Sensors – a sensor mat is placed under the bed occupant or under the mattress. Sensors located within the mat identify when the occupant is about to leave the bed and alerts the carer. The nurse or carer can be notified in a number of ways including an audible alarm, a radio pager or by connecting to a nurse call system.

Chair Sensors – as with the bed sensor only the mat is placed below the chair occupant and are also useable in wheel chairs.

PIR Sensors – a sensor is placed in a particular location, often at exit points of a room or building. When the sensor beam is broken the carer or nurse is notified as described under bed sensor.

Additionally, sensors can be connected to a range of monitors including a friendly voice reminder – e.g. "stay in bed John, I'm on my way" and can be programmed to only send an alert when someone does not return to their bed within a pre-determined time. This feature is particularly helpful for anyone who regularly visits the bathroom during the night.

Other features of the various sensors, mats and monitors used to help fall prevention include:

  • Range of short stay [14 days], standard [45 days] and long stay [1 year] bed mats and chair mats. This flexibility is particularly appealing to hospitals and nursing homes in reducing costs
  • Antimicrobial and non-skin sensitive coatings
  • Tamper proof resistant
  • Break resistant ABS plastic ensures maximum comfort while also giving longevity. Can be folded without breaking
  • Connect to any nurse call system

See More Products for Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes & HospitalsIf you are responsible for fall prevention in a nursing home or hospital and would like to review how these products can fit in with your fall prevention strategy please talk to one of our fall prevention product specialists today on 1890 344 344 or contact us

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