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Mobile Phones for the Elderly
Friday, 22 February 2013 06:55

Big Button Mobile Phones

See more products related to Mobile Phones for the Elderly hereIt's not just our kids and grandchildren that want the latest in mobile phones, now parents and grandparents are getting in on the act too!

Mobile phones for the elderly are becoming increasingly popular and you will find a wide choice of designs to suit your needs – from the very basic mobile phone with big buttons to more advanced mobiles full of the latest features, but easily mastered by users of all ages and ability.

Below you will find a short summary of the main features you should consider when choosing a mobile phone for an elderly person:

Big Button Mobile Phones for the ElderlyBig Button Mobile Phones - one of the most popular features of mobile phones for the elderly are big buttons that are easy to see and not too close together. Big buttons make it much easier for anyone with poor vision or reduced dexterity to see and locate the correct buttons.

Displays – mobile phone displays should be clear and use large size print to display caller ID and numbers dialled. Some mobile phones feature an adjustable display which can be tailored to the users specific needs.

Sound – mobile phones for the hard of hearing are also very popular and many of the big button mobile phones include extra loud ringers and speaker volume and are hearing aid compatible. A powerful vibration alert option is also available.

Memory – all mobile phones allow you to program popular numbers so they can be recalled easily when needed. However, sometimes the process to recall the numbers can be confusing. You can therefore choose a mobile phone which has short-cut keys to dial a family member for example. On some models, a single button can be pre-programmed to dial a nominated number.

Battery Life – choose a phone that has good battery performance. Big button mobile phones offer the user extended talk time and stand-by battery life – up to 240 hours on stand-by.

SOS Button – a useful feature if you are concerned that the user may fall or wander unexpectedly. A single press button, often located on the back of the phone, is pressed to send an alert to pre-programmed contacts so that help can be summonsed.

See more products related to Mobile Phones for the Elderly hereBig button mobile phones and mobile phones for the elderly are usually supplied SIM-Free, meaning you can buy a SIM card from any of the main mobile phone providers in Ireland – O2, Vodafone, 3, Meteor. Simply insert the SIM, follow the simple set-up and the phone is ready for use.

If you are considering buying a big button mobile phone for a family member or for yourself and would like some advice, please talk to one of our customer service advisors today on 1890 344 344


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