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Baby Monitors with Camera
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 07:53

Baby Monitors with Camera and Wireless Baby Monitors

See more products related to Baby monitors hereBaby monitors have become ever more sophisticated with an array of features to give peace of mind to Mum and Dad. So what’s the best baby monitor with camera for you?

We’ve selected two of the best baby monitors with camera and wireless baby monitors on the market today and have given you a quick overview here and links to each product:

Pan & Tilt Wireless baby monitor

Baby Monitor with CameraA mini cctv system to monitor your baby remotely, this baby monitor includes:

  • Monitoring unit with clear, colourful pictures day and night
  • Remote control “pan & tilt” camera which is operated from the monitoring unit and able to pan 270° and tilt 120°
  • Encrypted digital wireless signal to ensure privacy and zero interference
  • High quality video and audio monitoring
  • Wireless baby monitor, so no messy cabling
  • Transmits up to 300m

Watch & Care Video Baby Monitor

Superb value baby monitor with camera and two-way communication, this baby monitor also features:

  • Two way communication between the monitoring unit and camera
  • 2.4” high quality display, day or night
  • 2.4ghz transmission for safer communication and over longer distances
  • Voice operated option to turn on the monitor when a noise is detected
  • Built-in night light in the camera unit
  • Mains or battery operation
  • Rechargeable battery unit

Another interesting baby monitor, but without camera, is the Advanced Baby & Child Monitor. This unit is designed to “grow” as your baby becomes more active and mobile as a toddler. It includes separate parent and child units with some handy features:

Baby Mode

  • Baby unit is a fully functional baby monitoring unit, transmitting sound to the parent unit
  • Also monitors room temperature and transmits to the parent unit. When the room temperature moves outside pre-set limits of 15°c-24°c an alarm is sent to the parent unit

Child Mode

  • Set the child unit to send an alert should your child wander beyond a preset distance [settings are near, mid or far]
  • Panic button which can be operated by the child should they need help, sending and alert to the parent unit
  • Parent unit continuously displays child location [near, mid or far]
  • Find button on the parent unit plays a loud audible noise on the child unit, making it simple to locate a child who may have wandered
  • Anti-tamper control sets and alarm of on the parent unit should the child try to remove their wrist strap

See more products related to Baby monitors hereThe parent unit can be used as a watch and includes options to set feed reminders too. Both child/baby and parent units are supplied with batteries with an expected life of 6 months, and give a battery replacement warning when running low.

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