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Big Button Mobile Phone
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:27

Big Button Mobile Phones for the Elderly

See more products related to Big Button Mobile PhonesBig button mobile phones are very popular among the elderly in Ireland. Phone options range considerable from the very basic to those with lots of functions for the more adventurous.

By far the most popular big button mobile phones are those that can be mastered by all ages and abilities, and these tend to be phones with basic but essential functions to make and receive calls and text messaging.

Here we put the spotlight on our best selling big button mobile phones:

Big Button Mobile PhoneDoro HandlePlus 334 - they don't come much more basic than this. This phone has had all the non-essentials removed so you have a phone which is able to take calls and dial up to 4 pre-set numbers. It features 4 big buttons, each of which dials a pre-programmed number when pressed. Similarly, incoming calls are answered by pressing one large button to accept the call. A large display shows text clearly and the phone is able to receive but not make text messages. White text on a black background is also a feature to help with visual impairment. The phone is also hearing aid compatible. The Doro HandlePlus 334 is probably the simplest mobile phone with big buttons on the market today and also features a panic button on the rear.

Doro 326i GSM HandlePlus - the big brother to the Doro 334 above, the 3261 includes a full size big button phone keypad as well as 4 pre-programmed buttons. Additionally the phone has multiple ringer and speaker volume settings making it the perfect mobile phone for the hard of hearing. A vibration alert feature is also included.

PMR BC5I Big Button Phone with SOS button - a slightly less expensive mobile phone with big buttons than the Doro 326i but ideal for those who simply want to make and receives calls and text messages. This simple design with large text display is the perfect choice for those who want a simple but functional mobile with big buttons.

Powertel M6200 - for those who want the benefits of a big button mobile phone but don't want to compromise on functionality, the Powertel M6200 is a mobile phone with all the essential features of a phone suitable for the elderly, hard of hearing, visually impaired or with restricted dexterity but with some handy extras such as alarm clock, stop watch, calendar, ring tone selector and organiser.

See more products related to Big Button Mobile PhonesThese are just a selection of the most popular mobile phones with big buttons in Ireland. They are all compatible with all the Irish phone networks [Vodafone, O2, 3, meteor etc] and just need a SIM card to be added.

If you need help in choosing a mobile phone with big buttons, why not save some time and talk to one of our experts at Homecare Technologies today. You can call lo-call 1890-344-344 or send us your enquiry here.


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